Aaron Adams

Aaron started playing guitar at age eighteen and was greatly influenced by the 60's guitar players (Clapton, Hendrix and Page). His musical preference is the 90's alternative genre,

“because I like the variety and creativity I find there”.

He grew up attending Stephens City, (Virginia) United Methodist as his home church. It was there during his teen and college years that he began attending a few other churches as well. Aaron admits that while he was searching for "life's meaning"  at one point he stopped going to church altogether.

During that spiritual dry spell (which lasted a few years), his mother convinced him to play guitar at his old home church's contemporary worship service, Aaron has been faithfully doing that for many years now.

“I enjoy playing Christian contemporary because of the positive message, people and opportunities that comes with the band experience".

"The Band Changed has made a big difference in my life as it has allowed me to connect with God and some great individual musicians. It has been a spiritual awakening and a musical reboot and recharge. I needed that. I take pride in the message, music, and fellowship in The Band Changed.”

Liz Turner

Liz grew up attending a local church. Throughout her childhood and adolescence she never doubted God's existence. Though she was surrounded by Godly believers, she says...

 “I never accepted him as Savior and Lord of my life until I was in college. It was there, In a small, Southern Baptist Church in Tallahassee Florida that my fiancé and I both received the Lord! What an awesome, life changing moment that was for us!”

Her faith and service to God has continued to grow since that time too.

“I fall in love with him all over again...every single day”.

She serves in the ministry at the Winchester Church of God (since 2003) and has been a member of the choir, praise team, ensemble as well as on the drama team. Liz  has a gift with lyrics and writing. 

She is self employed as a pediatric physical therapist working with young children and their families in Winchester and the surrounding areas. In ministry, her passion is to design, create, inspire, and motivate people to Christ through music and the arts.

Rob Talton

Rob Talton was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. Brought up by his loving and supportive parents, It was there Rob  developed a love for music at a very young age.  His parents filled the family home with music, and his love for music was nurtured by everyone in his family.  Rob plays the piano, keyboards, bass guitar, and guitar.     

“My grandmother purchased something called a ‘Chord Organ’, when I was 7 years old…My parents were away for the weekend, and my grandmother taught me to play ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ before the end of the weekend.  It was my grandmother that identified that I had an ear for music.  I am so grateful for the love and support that I had as a child.”

Rob began playing music professionally in 1991 in Jacksonville, Fl.  playing at coffee houses, bookstore cafés, and clubs as a solo performer.  He also played with his Fusion band “Focus”.  Leading his own family, Rob took a break from playing music on a professional level for 15 years. 

“A few years years ago, I will say that I had something laid upon my heart, and that was to play music again…music that honors God.  I felt a call to form a band, made up of talented musicians whose hearts were all in agreement.  We now have a great band…friends, brothers, and sisters in the faith.  I felt this call to take this music to the streets….out in the community, where people would not expect to hear music with this kind of message.  Our message is Hope, Grace, Redemption, and for people to know that no matter who you are, or what you’ve done, or where you’ve come from, or where you are now, there is a God that loves you and wants to change your life.”

Paul Crumley

Paul grew up in the mountains of North Carolina where his parents brought him up in a mountain Baptist Church. As he grew in faith, he came to accept for himself the gift of salvation through Christ’s death and resurrection.

“I have found looking back that the Holy Spirit has truly been my comforter in times of trouble and that God has provided life in abundance”.

His first musical exposure was listening to his parents' southern gospel, country music and bluegrass records. When he began to develop his own taste in music, at first it was mostly Michael Jackson. “thankfully, I had friends who introduced me to bands like Guns and Roses and Aerosmith”. He started playing guitar when he was a senior in high school. The school principal would allow students to bring guitars and meet at lunch to trade licks. There he learned about Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Nirvana.

In college he was part of a student lead Christian group and played praise music for the gatherings. It was at these meetings where he met his wife Rachel, who also played guitar. He also discovered Christian Rock (Third Day, Jars of Clay, Switchfoot, etc.), The Allman Brothers Band and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

“At church I was blessed to play with a couple of great guitarists, including my former high school principal. We played mostly bluegrass and I learned a lot about rhythm guitar along the way.”

During college, he became part of a band called Seven Strangers.

“We played at local churches and eventually made a CD. We even took a week one summer and toured the great state of North Carolina with a stop or two in South Carolina.”

College ended and Seven Strangers ended as well.

A few years later he and his wife moved to Austin, Texas, where Rachel attended seminary.

“Austin was a great town to live in as a guitar player and I enjoyed seeing live music and having access to guitar stores.”

Although he did not play out much in Austin, he started helping out with sound engineering at a large church outside of town and learned a lot through that experience. During his second year in Austin, his job became extremely stressful and he suffered a nervous breakdown.

“I left my job and was struggling with depression and anxiety. But God surrounded me with people who supported me and helped me to heal. My wife’s love and support never wavered and she pushed me out of the hermit hole at just the right times to keep me going.”

They also had a neighbor at the time who was a single mother and needed someone to watch her baby occasionally. He was available, so she asked him to watch her daughter.

“I honestly believe that child may have saved me in many ways because she gave glimpse into what I had to look forward to in my own life, as we were also expecting our first child at the time.”

After his daughter was born, they moved back to NC for a year, and his wife accepted a Pastor's position at a church in the Shenandoah Valley and they moved to VA. He started playing at a new service with what became unofficially known as “PPR”.

“I answered a craigslist ad for a Christian band looking for a guitarist and joined a Band called Seven X (yes another seven). Rob Talton was also in that band which lasted for a year or so after I joined.”

After several months, Rob called him to come play with a new band he was feeling lead to put together which became The Band Changed.

Dan May

From Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Dan started playing music in 1963 and was totally immersed in the music culture.

“I lived to play and the 60's and 70's were exciting times. "I came into a relationship with Jesus after many years of resistance. But, when I made the commitment, it was deep and wide (as the kid's song goes). My testimony of God's saving grace is proof that God truly does love everyone!"

Musically, he switched from those years of secular music to Jesus music the moment he accepted Christ. He was radically saved.

"I can't have my music go in a different direction than my heart. No regrets, never looked back.”

Dan has had many musical encounters throughout the years with artists such as Nikki Cruz, Israel Narvez, The David Wilkerson Ministries, Andréa Crouch, Dannibelle, Randy Matthews, Phil Keaggy, Kelly Washington, Mark Lowery, Tom Stanko, Darrell Dement. “Really, too many to recall....“.

He's been involved in countless musical projects from bands to major musical productions and considers it a divine privilege to serve each and every moment. When not sitting in with bands, recording or jamming, he is fully engaged at his home church.

"It's a huge blessing to proclaim the awesome gift of eternal life through music".

He and his wife Kathy reside near Winchester, Virginia, and have been married since 1971 with 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

"It's great to rock with an anointed purpose".

Dan recommends this Instrumental CD that he contributed on with the WINCOG Worship Band. Bass on all tracts except on track #9 (Where he plays lead guitar).


Ricky Nelson

Ricky grew up in the Baptist church in his home town of Leesburg, Florida. In high school, he started attending the Church of God and ended up going to Lee College for a year. It was there he met a friend who played drums for the Lee Singers that inspired him to come home that summer, purchase a set of drums and learn to play himself.  He's
been playing drums for the Winchester Church of God in Virginia for over 20 years now. "It's a blessing to be able to participate in the church band with so many talented and interesting musicians all of like faith."

He and his wife of over 20 years reside in Winchester, Virginia with their 2 children. Other than playing the drums he enjoys riding motorcycles, watching movies, and playing video games.

Ricky has had the opportunity to fill in as a backup drummer for rehearsals from time to time for The Band Changed over the last couple of years.  Recently an opportunity presented itself to audition for the band to fill the drummer role.  Eventually he was selected to become the new drummer. "I'm excited about this new opportunity and the change of pace from church playing. I'm hoping this challenge will help me expand my abilities as a drummer as well as find a different way to worship and make new friends."

Jessica Witherspoon

Jessica remembered  when she was 4 or 5 singing at church for the first time and knew it was a special calling in her life. She asked Christ into her life when she was very young and constantly asked for his hand and guidance with everything she did. Her passion began to grow when she started playing the piano and creating her own songs at a young age.

As a teenager, she sang in the youth praise band at church and lead worship on Wednesday nights. Her and her husband (Michael) met at church, where he played guitar in the same band.

Jessica finished her education degree at St. Petersburg College in Florida and shortly after that, was married to Michael. During their time in Florida, they led the youth in praise and worship and also taught "Kids Church" on Sunday mornings. Jessica and Michael moved back to Winchester where Jessica is currently the librarian at Indian Hollow Elementary. They have a son, Isaac, who inspires her and challenges her daily to be the best mother, friend, daughter and Christian.  

During her life's journey, Jessica felt that she was not totally committed to glorifying God to the fullest and was letting the "busyness" of life get the best of her.

"I knew that God was calling me to something greater and I was frustrated because I was unsure of the next step I should take. The very next day, one of the band members approached me to start singing with them and I knew it was a sign from God pushing me to do what I was meant to do. I thank God for every precious gift and every blessing he has given me. I have so much to be thankful for and want to live everyday the way he wants me to live it. Life is still busy, but I know that God deserves the glory first and foremost with the gifts he has entrusted me with. I am honored to be a member of this band and I hope you are blessed and changed by our message"